If you can see this post, I have a new process for posting to my blog. I will absolutely not create this post manually – if the code never works, you’ll never see this text. At this point, I have a test application that can create a WordPress post . WordPress is a pretty common blogging platform, let’s face it. I was entirely unsurprised to find out that there’s a REST API for it, allowing you to post to it. (The fact that I’d been using StackEdit to post for ages was further evidence of that.) It also wasn’t surprising that it used OAuth2 for authentication, given OAuth’s prevalance.

Security Bulletin 5 Oct 2022 – Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

Security Bulletin 5 Oct 2022.

Posted: Wed, 05 Oct 2022 13:54:21 GMT [source]

I already have HTTPS load balancing with Google Cloud, and the jonskeet.uk domain is hosted in Google Domains, so it should all be straightforward. I create a WebMidi folder for the implementation, and a scratchpad.txt file in to copy any “not required right now” code. Use JSFiddle to try to access the Web MIDI API. If I can list the ports, open an input and output port, listen for MIDI messages , and send a SysEx message hard-coded to request the name for kit 1. I’ll come back to the final job right at the end – we’ll concentrate on the impact of the TERM environment variable first, as that’s the main point of the post. Next we’ll look at the output of the jobs – in each case showing it in the “pretty” log first, then in the “raw” log. The pretty log has colour, and I haven’t tried to reproduce that.

e-Learning Web-Site Interactive Update (Hot-Spot)

For example, when building REST APIs, where I don’t need the Razor components, I often start with AddMvcCore. You can always add some extra services manually after AddMvcCore, or if you ASP.NET Core 3.1 Razor Lessons find yourself needing it, move to the more complete AddMvc method instead. The PageModel file is optional, but if you have any amount of C# code then this file is the place to put it.

  • Due to MIDI’s inherent 7-bit nature, each address can only store 7 bits.
  • By convention, they match the HTTP verb used for the request to the name of the method, which always starts with “On”.
  • I may investigate other libraries at some point, but fundamentally this inabilty to correctly base64 encode/decode has been the single most time-consuming and frustrating part so far.

However, this paradigm was only partially implemented prior to my contract finishing. The VIES API handler used SOAP calls via Microsoft WCF, but due to operational constraints and flaky service response from VIES, I implemented a retry and wait paradigm with exponential delay periods. To plug holes in my skill-set, I have undertaken extensive on-line training courses, as well as working through a number of professional development books. This includes Microsoft MVC 5, Design Patterns / Best Practice, Entity Framework ORM, Angular-JS, jQuery, Single Page Web-Apps, HTML5, TypeScript and others. To augment my skill-set, I undertake on-line training , as well as working through a number of professional development books.

V-Drum Explorer: Planning notes for MVVM

I won’t go through all of the features in detail, but let’s look at the test for HelloWorld. There’s really not much to test, given that there’s no conditional logic – we just want to assert that when we make a request to the server, it writes out “Hello, Functions Framework.” in the response. Arguably it’s a bit unconventional to have a base class for tests like this. It’s entirely possible to use composition instead of inheritance.

  • Are other developers not having the same problem, or just not noticing the problem?
  • This blog post is a distillation of what I learned when trying to work out what was going on.
  • The user experience is that they can drop an image into Storage bucket, and a few seconds later there’s a second file present with information about the image… all in a relatively small amount of code.
  • As you can see from the code above, it’s not like I’m doing anything particularly “special” – just writing lines out to the console.

I really like Razor Pages – much simpler and follows the SOLID pattern. Ray Fan, pointed out that for a POST of json data you need a different attribute of , otherwise you won’t get the data. The reason for this is the data is in another part of HTTP response.

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